Sonic 2 SMS Remake

Yeah you got yourself one fine game here. I was never a big fan of Sonic 2 for the game gear mostly due to the bosses being stupidly difficult due to the small screen. But obviously with widescreen you don't have that issue. Can't say I'm a huge level of the frozen lake level so far, but I know that's not on you.

You've really done something awesome here. I love that you added more characters to the mix and the levels are slightly different for whoever you're playing is. This has a lot of clever ideas and neat little gimmicks to notice.

I did, however, notice sometimes hit detection is off. Maybe I was just doing something wrong but on the second boss, those little bird things... playing as Mighty even though I was jumping into them, I would die anyway. However I didn't have the issue playing as Sonic so I'm not sure if there's something with Mighty that I'm missing.

Anyways, this is really great. Way to bring an overlooked game into the spotlight and give it new life. This is the stuff I love to see at SAGE
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