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Complete Sonic 1 SMS Remake


This fan game is a redesigned version of the Master System released by SEGA in 1991.

  • Time Attack: Racing to best time
  • Encore: Play with all characters
  • Competition: 2 players versus on Wi-Fi local
  • Eggman: Boss rush
  • Sonic: Super Peel Out, Drop Dash
  • Tails: Fly, Swim
  • Knuckles: Glide, Climbing
  • Mighty: Spin Jump
  • Ray: Fly
  • Marble: Lava everywhere and secret ruins
  • Spring Yard: Pinball casino with multiple traps
  • Star Light: Light fixtures, lasers and motorcycle races
  • Super transformation (get 7 Chaos Emeralds + 50 rings)
  • Spin Dash for all characters
  • Music FM mode
  • 5 memory cards (save games)
  • Big rings (get 7 Chaos Emeralds)
  • Pause menu
  • Debug mode and secret cheats
New color palettes, Special Stages with 7 Chaos Emeralds, unlimited rings counter, new screen animation for monitors, free animals from Badniks, Eggman life bar, redesigned zones, options menus, 5 different endings on credits, new electrocuted death animation, new option for Sonic with red shoes and more.


  • Gamepad: Bluetooth / USB with vibration
  • Screen: 4:3, widescreen and ultrawide / window mode or full screen
  • Multiplayer: Lan/ Wi-Fi local (2 devices)
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Been following this for a while, I think this project is awesome. I do wish there was at least a setting to have the camera not pan up so far while jumping. It's so hard to gauge your jumps because you can't see the pit you're jumping over.
(Warning!!! This may contains spoilers!) Hello! I would like to say that I have enjoyed this fan game very much the HD, levels, cute sprites and everything! But hopefully this can get some attention starlight zone boss… Is it possible if you guys can change the lightning effects the white light was flashing very fast I had to literally stop playing the game and just take a break the game is really enjoyable but if you can please change that. That will be very cool!
may not be accurate as the original but after play you will love it and replace the original emulated 4:3 aspect ratio to this one

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