SAGE 2020 - Demo Sonic 1: Green Hill Revisited

Amazing game!
The things I like.
1. I like the remixed ost.
2. I like how to physics are close to the genesis version.
The things I don't like and/or bug reports
Bug reports:
1. I can drop throw that bridge after the speed shoes for some reason
Overall Rating: 4 stars
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Thank you :)
its soo amazing i love it it looks like the mobile port but better i hope the full version get released soon! :)
It looked great and was really fun and the remixed music was amazing
This is just absolutely stunning, honestly. You'd better believe I played through Green Hill Zone acts 1 to 3 with every aspect ratio and soundtrack option! Speaking of which, I love those remixes in the 'remixed' option. What's here already is so brilliant, I can't wait for future updates!
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