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Sonic 1 Delta is a ROMHack created in 2017 by Team Delta to mix lots of development material, concepts such as gameplay mechanics, art, zones and more from Sonic The Hedgehog into one big adventure. After an almost complete restart of the project on February of this year, the hack is finally in a playable state to be able to put together a small new demo for the world to play.

This demo contains Green Hill Zone, Marble Zone, Star Light Zone and Sparkling Zone.
WARNING: This hack is unfinished, it also may contain bugs and may even contain crashes!



Programming: MrLordSith
Art changes: EmmaNerd and MrLordSith
Level layout: EmmaNerd and MrLordSith
Music changes: MrLordSith (and Clownacy and flamewing for the VGM conversions)
Beta testing: The Original Gamer 123, asdfg303, BladeOfChaos, Chobo, facey, ItsJacksJunk⁶⁴, SM
(And also the tutorials for Sonic Retro, credits for each person who made them since I've used these for this hack, and also S1smps2asm by Cinossu and the Green Hill Zone Ball by CuckyDev).
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