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Shantae and Asha: Dream Fantasia Demo

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  • Shantae and Asha: Dream Fantasia is an action platformer that hosts some RPG, puzzle and adventure elements. This demo in particular includes a full dungeon, Green Hill Zone, a playable Amy Rose based on her Sonic Battle format, and sneak peeks of an upcoming area known as Starlight Park. It features several things such as multiple playable characters, an open world design, customization options, and an innovated battle system based on the original Monster World 4.
    GHZ_Amy.png roofrush.png

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Recent User Reviews

  1. Foxeh
    "i never knew how much i wanted this until i played"
    i love you man.. keep going.
    XBuster likes this.
    1. XBuster
      Haha! Thank you very much :) I'm glad you enjoyed it and I look forward to releasing the full game in the future.

User Comments

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  1. GuilhermeBMotta
    It looks cute and polished from the screenshots. I wish it had more information and pictures. I'll give it a try and come back later.
    1. XBuster
      Thank you very much:) I'll make sure to update the game's information to the best of my ability so all sites know what's up. I look forward to your feedback.
      XBuster, Aug 25, 2018
      GuilhermeBMotta likes this.