SAGE 2020 - Demo Shadow's Ladder

Wow! This was amazing, it was quite the experience! At first, I thought it was a short demo when I took the easy way out at first but when I tried again with the Full demo path I was quite surprised! This game feels great! I love the controls, the fluidity of the level design, and simple puzzles too! I'm glad The use of OG shadow voice clips was a fantastic choice and this does a great job at portraying Shadow's character very well! Definitely an experience I appreciate investing 3 hours into! So much better than I expected!

A few things I would change would be D-pad support, a timer (because I get time overs when I don't realize I'm running out of time) and maybe make some of the breakable object a bit more obvious.

I'm looking forward to seeing how this mysterious story plays out in the future!
Brooo, who would've thought someone would put QR codes in the background of a fangame yooo this has me reallly intrigued

"You will pay for what you've done, V."

"Do you remember, V? You betrayed all your dreams."

I wonder, who is V?...hmmm