Complete Rayman SNES Prototype Recreation


In this game, you're playing as Rayman, the electronic limbless being created by Professor Hendrix as a gift for his nephew Jimmy, who got sucked into his computer while he was creating his digital kingdom known as the Hereitscool, and you're up to fight the computer virus. However, there are only a couple of levels, no more demos. This is made just for practice of using Clickteam Fusion! I'll promise next time if you ask me a full game.

Increase your fist power by collecting power capsules and acquire special powers, you can become invisible to enemies, a bouncy ball, the shield that circles around you and the power that WIPES OUT ALL ENEMIES! And if you want to avoid some obstacles, collect energy capsules to protect yourself from fire, explosions, long falls, and the falling objects that will crush you, or physical contact with enemies (except for bosses).

Some powers and objects are represented by icon on the center, in addition a question mark is on the very right, an additional power, you can use it if necessary to defeat the tougher enemy.

A - Jump
S - Shoot Fist\Charge
D - Run
Z - Activate Power


- This fangame is still in progress, stay tuned for news until Spring 2022!


A fangame created by Tape with Clickteam Fusion 2.5

Rayman is created by Ubisoft and Michel Ancel
Unofficial recreated sprite animations by Droolie
All sprites ripped by RayCarrot

Most of programming, graphics all done by Tape.


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