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Project Rascal is a fast-paced 3D action platformer inspired by the greatest hits of the mascot platformer genre. In it, you take control of Rascal, a nimble kid with a lot of attitude and a knack for adventure. Rascal is part of an ancient civilization long forgotten; One day the island they inhabit gets attacked by a mysterious individual looking to uncover the secrets of the Shards, and it's up to Rascal and his friends to foil their plans and restore peace to the island once again.​

Project Rascal has been in development for almost a year and it's the brain child of two brazilians with a passion for game development. This is the very first release of the game and as such, things may seem a bit rough around the edges. All the feedback is appreciated. If you would like to contact us, or simply just find other people with a similar interest in the game please join our Official Discord Server.​

If you would like to help us develop the game, you can do so by supporting us on Patreon or simply by following us on Twitter and telling your friends about the project. We hope you have a great time with it!​


Playstation Controller Users:
Currently DualShock 4 and DualSense controllers are not supported by the game and can cause some weirdness even if just plugged. If you have one of those and wish to use it to play the game, please use Steam to set up the controller or an emulator such as DS4Win.


is the game's main protagonist. He's very acrobatic and courageous. Bounce, grind, jump, drop kick and dash through beautiful stylized landscapes with this goofball with a passion for adventure.

He's incredibly nimble and has a powerful set of abilities that help him navigate and make the most out of the terrain. Rascal is also capable of turning himself into a ball and move around with ease and achieve great speeds.​


- Movement
- Jump
- Action
- Bounce

- Ball Form




Alpha 0.1.3 Release
August 26th, 2021
  • Improved the hints in the tutorial area to be a little less confusing.
  • Increased movement speed while swimming.
  • Fixed an issue with the player getting soft-locked when drop-kicking into a corner.
  • Fixed an issue with the player sinking too deep when bouncing/drop-kicking in the water.
  • Fixed an issue with the Options menu not going away in the Main Menu.
  • Fixed a problem with the player facing the wrong direction when grinding while on a surf-board.
  • Fixed an issue where rails would give the player too much speed when surfing.
  • Fixed a problem with the player clipping through the outpost house.
  • Tweaked the placement of a few rope gimmicks that the player could go under while in ball form.
  • Fixed the music volume in the Main Menu and the Outro Card being much louder than the rest of the game.
  • Fixed some shards being placed under the water mesh in the surf board area.
  • Removed collision from the invisible walls in the out-of-bounds areas of the game.
  • Fixed the values of the purple water in the HUB Area.

Alpha 0.1.2 Release:
August 24th, 2021
  • Added an Options menu for Main Menu.
  • Added support for Linux.
  • Minor level tweaks.
  • Fixed a bug with the player HUD not showing at higher resolutions.

Alpha 0.1.1 Release:
August 21st, 2021
  • Shards no longer get stuck on the player.
  • Fixed a problem with players getting stuck in the cinematic camera after a death.
  • Solved an issue with the UI getting stuck and softlocking the game.
  • UI Rebind Buttons are now working properly.
  • The buttons in the Outro now display the text correctly.
  • Removed the infinite loop of dashpads from the HUB Area.
  • Fixed the flying swings in the HUB Area.
  • Increased the homing distance for the airborne enemy prototype.
  • The main Menu and Outro should now have the same audio level as the game.


Greedy_Raider - Programming, Level Design, Co-Creator
P3DR0 - Art, 3D Modeling, Co-Creator
Rodrigo "Miden" - Animations, Rigging.

Music by:
Screwstache - Buccaneer's Beach
Sean Evans - HUB Area and Main Menu

Special Thanks to:
Vivvie - Base Framework.
tripplejaz - Outro artwork.
RummySM - Overall Support.
SFGHQ Staff - SAGE '21.
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Latest reviews

Just an incredibly fun and polished exploration based 3D platformer. Reminds me of some of the best 3D Sonic fangames like Sonic Utopia, only with interesting additions like enemy jacking, rolling, bounce physics, double jumps, and air dashes.

My only complaint is that sometimes you have no idea if you're going forward (which is also awesome), and sometimes I wish the bouncing lets you go even wilder.

Otherwise, just a perfect demo. Loved every second.
Shoot, i was in the middle of a comment, got distracted... came back and closed the tab without posting it... good job Dash!

Okay basically what I WAS trying to say was this is my favorite game I've played at Sage this year. I love the graphics style. It's simple, yet so pleasant to look at. The character is very cute and although he controls a lot like Sonic, there's enough differences that it's not a direct copycat.

I love exploration games and there's so much to find and explore in this. I found myself going back over areas I knew I had been just to see if I had missed something.

The engine is very solid as well. I really enjoyed this. I hope you can get further with it. Thanks for sharing. Can't wait for an update
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Although it's pretty much a "Sonic Adventure", it's a very competent game with great graphics and nice music. The physics work very well and controls handle very well.
Hope to see a twist in this project in the future

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