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Demo Project M.E.


Project M.E. is a proof of concept demo that attempts to bring a more collectathon based approach to the treasure hunting gameplay from SA1 and SA2, taking some inspiration from the original Spyro trilogy.
Made in Unity URP. Controls are available through a debug menu in-game. Keyboard and gamepad are both supported, but remapping has not yet been implemented so dualshock controllers are not recommended.

Download (Drive)


Version 0.0.1: Proof of concept (November 2022)
This demo is mostly for getting the basics down such as the emerald radar, hint orbs, randomized spawning, as well as basic Knuckles gameplay.


All animations, particle textures, and the ring model were made by me
Emerald shard model and texture from SA2
Knuckles model from Sonic Runners
Stage and music are Town Square from Spyro 1


So climbing is straight up broken, controller support was broken until I ran it through steam, and it's quite easy to soft lock yourself off a cliff
But the pros I can give it are that the way knuckles moves is fun, flipping and rolling about, and I'm glad to see some open level gem huntin'!

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