Pokémon: Chaotic Flame & Harmonic Peace (SAGE 2021 Test Demo)

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"It's a brand new game, in a brand new world"

Introducing SAGE and SFGHQ's first Pokémon project, Pokémon: Chaotic Flame & Harmonic Peace is a game based on the 4th and 5th generations of the Pokémon games, but with its own distinct flair. This project aims to capture the spark the Pokémon series always had, putting you through the newly discovered Lanta region, on a mission to stop a sudden trend of violent Pokémon attacks! It also tries to give a more challenging, yet rewarding Pokémon experience.

This demo contains a rather decent-sized chunk of the early game, with 2 whole gym challenges! Of course, this is a very early demo of the game, and there are a lot more things to be excited about in the future! Are you ready to catch them all? Do note, that this version of the demo is a test demo in an earlier version of Pokemon Essentials. There may be bugs and crashes, but they should be few and in between. If you find any issues, don't be afraid to contact me about it!


  1. Several areas and 2 Gym Challenges to complete.
  2. Over 150+ Pokemon to catch, as well as special Mythical Pokemon if you can find them.
  3. Completely rebalanced Pokemon, 50+ new moves, and 5 new types to help weaker Pokemon contend with the stronger ones!
  4. Multiple quality of life choices from the later generations. You can now see things like IVs, and EVs on the status screen, as well as see what items do when you collect them.




Sprite Credits:
Gen 1-5 Pokemon Sprites- Luka SJ (Static EBS Sprites)
Gen 6 Pokemon Sprites- All Contributors To Smogon X/Y Sprite Project
Gen 7 Pokemon Front Sprites- All Contributors To Smogon Sun/Moon Sprite Project
Gen 8 Pokemon Front Sprites- All Contributors To Smogon Sword/Shield Sprite Project
Veemon Sprite - Masloff

Gen 1-5 Pokemon Overworlds- MissingLukey, help-14, Kymoyonian, cSc-A7X, 2and2makes5, Pokegirl4ever, Fernandojl, Silver-Skies, TyranitarDark, Getsuei-H, Kid1513, Milomilotic11, Kyt666, kdiamo11, Chocosrawlooid, Syledude, Gallanty, Gizamimi-Pichu, 2and2makes5, Zyon17,LarryTurbo, spritesstealer
Gen 6 Overworlds-princess-pheonix, LunarDusk, Wolfang62, TintjeMadelintje101, piphybuilder88
Gen 7 Overworlds-Larry Turbo
Gen 8 Overworlds- SageDeoxys, Wolfang62

Gen 1-6 Pokemon Icon Sprites- Alaguesia
Gen 7 Pokemon Icon Sprites- Marin, MapleBranchWing, Contributors to the DS Styled Gen 7+ Repository
Gen 8 Icon Sprites- Larry Turbo, Leparagon

Cry Credits:
Gen 1-6 Pokemon Cries- Rhyden
Gen 7 Pokemon Cries- Marin, Rhyden
Gen 8 Pokemon Cries- Zeak6464

PBS Credits:
Zerokid, TheToxic, Golisopod User, HM100, KyureJL, ErwanBeurier

Script Credits:
Gen 8 Scripts: Vendily, TheToxic, HM100, Golisopod User, Aioross, WolfPP, MFilice, lolface, KyureJL, DarrylBD99, Turn20Negate, TheKandinavian, ErwanBeurier

UberDunsparce - Compilation of Resources

Pokemon Company, Game Freak - Original Game

DaisukeDoi7 - Project Lead, Lean Designer, Artist, Programmer

Enterbrain - RPG Maker XP

Maruno/Poccil/Flameguru - Pokemon Essentials v18

Tsunfished - Fakemon Designs for Box Legendaries

Smogon Sprite Project - Various sprites for the Gen 6-8, GMax and Mega Pokemon sprites

Luka S.J. - Scripting Utilities, Modular Title Screen, Modular Pause Screen, Downloader Module, Fancy Badges, Easy Mouse System, Advanced Transitions, Trade Expert

StCooler, DarryBD99, WolfPP, ardicoozer, riddlemeree, Pokemon Reborn Project, BellBlitzKing- Gen 8 Move Animation project, Move sound FX

Marin - Better Fast-Forward Mode, Marin's Scripting Utilities, Quick Save, Overworld Shadows, Map Exporter, HM Items, Better Region Map

FL - Show Species Intro

Mej71, bo4p5687 - Sky + Inverse Battles, Honey Trees

bo4p5687, Richard PT - Battle Intros

Vendily - SOS Battles

Theo/MrGela - Name Box, HGSS Trainer Card Scene

shiney570, Limnodromus - Flexible Advanced Starter Selection

KleinStudio - Ditto Transform Mosaic Effect, Get Key Item Effect

henrythefiend - BussNav

Boonzeet - Item Find, Mark Ribbons

PurpleZaffre, Golisopod User, LostSoulsDev / carmaniac - Location Signposts

TechSkylander1518, Fiona Summers, Luke S.J. - Original Pronoun Selector script

DeepBlue PacificWaves, Ludidious89, Weibrot, Kobi2604, dirkriptide, Ploaj, KleinStudio, Xtreme1992 - BW styled Menus, BW Gender Selector, Ditto Mosaic Effect, Get Key Item, BW System Storage

Zame, Blittzit, Game Freak - Various music tracks

Special Thanks to the SFGHQ crew that gave me all of the support and courage to actually get this thing done!

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Overall the game is good, there are few things here and there that bug me, but as a pokemon fan-game, it gets all the basics of pokemon down pat. I also like that the pokemon center has more or less everything the player will need for managing their pokemon out the gate. It just needs tweaks here and there to fine-tune it to be more than just a pokemon fan game and more of a step toward making something greater. I didn't get a chance to play the whole thing as I started to get drained by all the grass encounters pretty fast.

but here are some things I did notice out the gate:
Putting weedle with poison sting in the first area before the player gets antidotes is a bit too much, makes it so their pokemon is guaranteed to faint or they have to use up the few potions they have out the gate, or they are lucky and not in the middle of the area. this is also inflated by the fact that you can't heal at your home like regular Pokemon games.

I hope the tutorial dialogue doesn't stick around in the final game, this is a fan game after all most players already know pokemon to an incredible degree. The tutorial stuff can be here and there, maybe take the Sun and Moon approach and make an optional school for people to learn the basics. The only time the tutorial stuff should pop up outside of the school or whatever you end up going with is when talking about new mechanics and stuff like the Cosmic and Rubber pokemon bits.

encounter rates in tall grass for random battles are too high sometimes I go less than a step before I am in another battle. It made me burn out pretty fast in route 2 where the grass is very abundant. Usually, pokemon games make the grass in early areas much more optional with lower random encounter rates, so if you go that route it will be better that way people that need to grind early can without having to deal with non-stop fights while also making those spots where the player is forced to go through the grass for even the tiniest bit not end up guaranteed battles.

There were also a few glitches I ran into here and there.
https://webmshare.com/mRwMv - A random jump point at this part of the fountain and only this part of the fountain
https://webmshare.com/3K6B3 - infinite pokeballs from this one
https://webmshare.com/o1Qgg - the most major bug, a glitch that would happen whenever a pokemon had a berry effect that should have triggered, unequipping a berry fixes the bug for now
https://gyazo.com/882cf5b31808cd75b8d0d9cb052db6c9 - A link to the pop-up window that would appear for the bug with the berries
Game felt like pokemans. I haven't played a whole lot of pokemon myself, kinda dropped off after gen 2. The berry glitch was funny, but definitely needs to be fixed, happens both to you and against trainers that have equipped berries.

Encounter rate felt really high. Like 2 spaces and another encounter constantly.

I couldn't get cut to work? i tried it on a small tree and the dialog came up, but the tree remained. Only tried one tree though.

SO many pokemon, i left route 1 with 11. That is nuts to me lol. Im not sure if that makes it more annoying to balance or not, could probably trim on the "repeats" like the 3 different birds on route 1.
[URL said:
https://webmshare.com/3K6B3[/URL] - infinite pokeballs from this one
https://webmshare.com/o1Qgg - the most major bug, a glitch that would happen whenever a pokemon had a berry effect that should have triggered, unequipping a berry fixes the bug for now
https://gyazo.com/882cf5b31808cd75b8d0d9cb052db6c9 - A link to the pop-up window that would appear for the bug with the berries
I too came across these bugs during my test. There are also lots of typos and grammatical errors in the dialogue that could do with being fixed. Keep up the work! More Pokemon at SAGE

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