SAGE 2020 - Demo October Ordeal

I'm'a leave these here, as a way of clarifying my active thoughts. Overall, I was impressed~ The levels are laid out well and have enough of a challenge to inspire you to keep going, but not so much its kaizo... with a few exceptions.

-I'm sure it's unintentional, since you've been good about fixing potential softlocks, but the cave has an especially glaring one. You get two shells, sure, but if both get off-screened and you get hit, which is really easy to do, you can get stuck in the first lower area and have to die to return to the start of the stage. I get the challenge, that being holding your powerup so you can get past the first main hurdle, but this softlock made me quit the stage in annoyance.

-You are a devil for throwing in a Big Bertha on the swamp level, and I respect that~

-The hardest stage i the demo has a few windows that are incredibly tight to reach, even if you know that you can hasten the P-Balloon travel speed with the run button, something I personally didn't know until here. That could easily be my fault, though, as I grew up with the GBA Mario World and not SNES(and heck, many of the issues I have really amount to 'I've played Mario World, just not the SNES original'), but maybe a hint block to mention it, just in case, would do wonders~

And in case you like watching me suffer.... I did play it as my Halloween 2020 stream~ Here are the relevant saved bits of the VOD~