Demo MiKe Adventures: Round The World


The WonderWorld is a place full of joy, entertainment, and colons with brackets. But under this world of wonders, there's lots of secrets to uncover.

MiKe Adventures: Round The World is a platformer game where you control MiKe, who's someone who seems to have gotten either lost or trapped in the WonderWorld, hence he doesn't really know why he's there, or what the purpose of anything is.

MiKe has a variety of moves that can help him through his adventure, for example, he has the Speed Charge, which let's him beat most enemies with ease and travel faster through the world.

The game's full release will probably release 2-5 months from now, so keep an eye out for that!


Sooo apparently due to a bug on the forums the game was completely erased from here, so yeah i'm just putting it up again.

Also, the game came out a bit ago, so i wanted to update it!

The update's new main feature is the challenge mode, a mode in which you're presented with different mission to complete.
There's also been some bug fixes and slight tweaks to make the experience overall better.


philRacoIndie: Pretty much everything

crustacia_craken: Helping me with the music and art a bit

SirKoto51: Haikend City Island Melody

SFGHQ: For letting me participate in the SAGE event.


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