SAGE 2020 - Demo Mega Man Y+1 - SAGE2020 Demo


I am huge megaman 8bit fan, I played all of them and also most of hacks and fan game. I've played the demo and Ive got a very good surprise !

The team has perfectly captured the megaman soul for the making of this game. Everything is perfect ! The gameplay, the level design and design of the enemies are typical megaman 8bit. And I appreciated new gimmick that the demo has to offer such as targets to test weapons at the end of the stage when robot master is down, timber man platforms, toxic man colored water , voltman switches and robot master design especially voltman : I love how he splits !!


Along with Megaman : Shattered Diamonds, This game has the highest potential ! If the quality stays the same it can have the same story of Megaman Unlimited. This latter is well known for its quality and its considered as original by many. Their robot master are in MaGMML for example...

I hope it won't be cancelled like some megaman fan games... I am looking forward to playing it !

Thanks for the team and Keep on doing this great game !
Quality of the game is okay so far.
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The level design is terrible, very amateurish. Also plenty of recycled assets.
this is the sonic amateur games expo after all