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SAGE 2022 - Demo Mega Man X8 16-bit

General Information

A Mega Man X8 demake project, being created using Godot Engine 3.5.


Main differences:
  • No medals, shop, retry chips or intermissions - look forward to a vanilla experience similar to X1~X3.
  • Only X will be playable. Zero and Axl will be completely absent.
  • Both Avalanche Yeti's and Gigabolt Man-O-War's RideChaser stages are going to be reworked to play similar to Overdrive Ostrich's stage from Mega Man X2.
  • The RideChaser will work similar to Mega Man X2, but is now more responsive and can be stopped at any point. It also has the damaging airdash from X4.
  • Jakob Elevator will not be just an elevator level. Expect something similar to Boomer Kuwanger's stage from X1.
  • The Neutral Armor will not be unlocked all at once anymore - rather, the armor parts will be displayed over X's body, similar to classic games.
  • Some Icarus and Hermes armor parts have been reworked slightly:
    • Hermes buster parts now charges faster.
    • Hermes foot parts now makes you invulnerable while dashing on the ground.
    • Icarus body parts now lets you recover energy for a brief time after getting damage, by destroying enemies.
    • Icarus foot parts now lets you double jump.
Progress so far:
  • X is fully functional, with his starting abilities from X8 recreated to feel similar to the SNES games.
  • The armor parts have been implemented. Still need to work on their special abilities. Can be tested through Debug.
  • The RideChaser is fully functional.
  • Life-Ups and Health pickups are implemented.
  • Current build has the Intro stage plus three stages done, with 2 subtanks, 3 life-ups and 3 armor parts to be found, besides the boss battles.

Latest reviews

Game muito bom, tem uma dificuldade decente mesmo para quem já está acostumado com outros games de megaman x
, mecanicas do boss boas diria até melhor que no x8, o jogo ficou um pouco mais rápido, as animações caprichadas, espero muito que o game saia logo porque estou morrendo de vontade de jogar e a ansiedade está a mil, a demo está muito boa tirando alguns defeitos como o loop de som quando se carrega o tiro e dar uma balanceada nos ataques do dark mantis que estão muito rapidos e se vc estiver sem a parte dos pés da armadura ou subtanks fica praticamente impossível de derrotar pois não dá para desviar dos ataques. Fora isso o jogo está otimo, a mecanica da motinha na fase do avalanche yeti está muito boa, e a luta com ele também, tem um bug no final da fase do dark mantis que os robos atacam por tras da porta do boss, todos os leveis até agora caprichados eu iria sugerir que o tiro colidisse com o cenário (as paredes) para aumentar um pouco a dificuldade do game, mas como é um demake baseado nas mecanicas do x1 x2 e x3 é compreenssível que o tiro atravesse a parede. Se possivel explicar o que a armadura icaro faz ja que tu só consegue pegar ela no debug mode seria bom a parte do peito principalmente que eu nao tenho a menor ideia do que faz, de resto o game está otimo e um trabalho extremamente profissional, eu me formei em game design 2D no final do ano passado e quando eu vejo trabalhos assim fico extemamente animado, aprendi a fazer games no construct 2 mas quero migrar para a GODOT no final desse ano se puder me dar umas dicas agradeço.
Muito obrigado por fazer esse game, isso tras de volta a memoria afetiva de muita gente que jogou megaman x na infancia como eu e que infelizmente viu a CAPCOM simplesmente abandonar a franquia depois de estragar o game com o megaman x7 (colocar em 3D foi a pior coisa na minha opinião) e x8 (que ficou menos pior e jogavel) e agora vou poder jogar um megamam de qualidade novamente gracas a vc.
Douglas thaun
Tmbm quero saber
No canto direito da tela, galera. Tem lá um quadrado com o nome "Downloads".
gladiel khan
Thank you.
Hello! I would like to share my experience playing the Mega Man x8 16-bit Fan Game, expressing my admiration for the franchise and sharing my impressions and suggestions for improvement.

The beginning of the first stage, titled 'Noah's Park', provided an incredible introduction full of nostalgia, with impressive fidelity to the original and, above all, visually stunning. It's worth noting that in this fan game, the characters Zero and AXL are not available, and you can only play with X, reminiscent of the classic 16-bit Mega Man games, with his instant armors.

Moreover, one of the most notable aspects are the final bosses of each stage, which feature impressive pixel art, reminiscent of the 3D game, with renewed attacks and abilities. The difficulty of these bosses is significant, requiring strategy and memorization of their patterns, adding a rewarding challenge to the game.

As for the stages, it is notable that the Avalanche Yeti and Gigabolt Man-o-War stages were/are being created from scratch, with a differentiated approach, while maintaining fidelity to the original game stages. This unique approach is one of the aspects that make these stages of this fan game even more impressive!

Another notable aspect that I consider positive is the removal of the metal shop, which makes the player search for heart tanks, energy tanks, and armor during the stages, providing a gameplay experience even more similar to the classic 16-bit Mega Man X games. This approach is really interesting because it maintains the dynamics present in the old games, making the experience even more authentic.

Another positive aspect is the adaptation of enemy sprites from the original game to a 16-bit version, including enemies that did not have a 16-bit version. The pixel art work done for this adaptation is remarkable, with visually stunning and satisfying results.

In addition, it is important to mention that the game's initial menu has been remastered into a 2D format, which, in my opinion, is impressive considering that it is an ongoing project. However, I believe that there is still room for improvement in the near future.

I believe I have already mentioned all the positive aspects of this game, I apologize if I forgot something, but for now, that's all. Now, I will briefly list the points that did not please me, accompanied by suggestions for improvement for these negative points.

1- Optimization: This demo does not have a graphic configuration to reduce resolution or visual effects, which makes gameplay on less powerful computers unpleasant due to significant FPS drops. An example of this is the "Inferno" stage, where my FPS dropped from 30 to 15, making it difficult to pass through that area. Another problematic point is the "Pitch Black" stage, which also has several points with significant FPS loss, making the experience tedious and time-consuming.

My suggestion for improvement: optimize the game and add options to change the resolution in fullscreen or windowed mode, making gameplay easier on less powerful computers.

2- Dark Mantis: What can I say about this boss... My experience with him was extremely frustrating, as I was using X with only the Hermes armor on his chest. I struggled a lot with the insane difficulty of this boss, with its fast attack patterns and attacks that are almost impossible to dodge. It almost became necessary to have a complete armor and heart tanks to face this boss. I spent over an hour trying to defeat this boss and only didn't give up because I was extremely persistent, having to memorize each attack pattern to face him like a Mega Man speedrunner.

My suggestion for improvement: do something about this boss before someone else has a rage attack trying to defeat it!

3- X Buster: When I started playing, I faced significant challenges with X's normal buster shots, as their damage was insufficient to defeat some enemies quickly, resulting in taking damage before eliminating them. Even when pressing the fire button repeatedly, some enemies still took too long to be defeated, which increased my vulnerability. On the other hand, X's charged shot was overly powerful, capable of eliminating almost any enemy with just one charged shot, making the game relatively easy. I suggest balancing the X Buster to provide a more challenging and balanced gameplay experience.

My suggestion for improvement: I suggest a review of enemy balancing and X's buster to avoid an uneven gameplay experience.

4- Charged Shot: X's charged shot is not instant, taking a few seconds to start charging, which results in me taking unnecessary damage from some enemies. Another issue is the fade out of X's charged buster shot, where the sound of the charge slowly fades out. Additionally, there are irritating cuts in the loop.

Charged Shot sound fading out vídeo example:

My suggestion for improvement:
Fix these issues to make the game more polished.

5- Extreme Damage: I would like to point out that the high damage dealt by some enemies, such as the motorcycle character in the Avalanche Yeti stage, and Dark Mantis' "desperate attack," can be considered unfair. This can make fighting against these enemies unjust, especially when facing Dark Mantis early in the battle. I suggest evaluating whether these damage levels are intentional or need to be adjusted to provide a more balanced and challenging gameplay experience.

My suggestion for improvement: Balance the enemies and future bosses.

I conclude my analysis of the game, which was elaborated with care, dedication, and attention. I hope that some developer can read this review and understand that it is just my opinion, and that I wish the best for this fan game. I appreciate the excellent work done and the care dedicated to it. :)


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Thank you for the in depth analysis and issues report. The issues were noted. Will be taking a look at optimization later for sure. I'll be assessing the difficult later too, after all 8 mavericks are completed.

Wow, i did not expect you to anser the review. Thanks man! Also, im from brazil soo: Esse Fan Game ta incrível cara!
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Alysson é Brazuka? (sei que o nome é tipicamente, mas vai que não seja...)
.我有下載了 我非常喜歡玩 我本身也是洛克迷 2D 但是你這個雖然下載了 可以玩 但是你這設定根本沒辦法設定手把 導致用鍵盤也弄得很奇怪 ... 我從遊戲裡面設定手把也設定不了 導致我沒辦法玩 只能看者洛克人發呆 於是我只給一顆星
. 希望能留言回覆我 告知如何設定手把 謝謝你

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