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Luigi and the Quest for Nothing 2

Well uh... I didn't expect I'd like this game but here we are!
Good stuff I must say

-its fun to experiment with passwords and such, I am a little paranoid one of the passwords will jumpscare me tho
-wow you put minigames in this?
-there's popular mario/other game songs in there de-made to the gameboy instruments
-wall jump, spin jump, 'new super mario float jump' and enemy pull are interesting skills to combine together. All you need is a ground pound and you're set
-I was expecting a gameboy styled game with limited fps and graphics. Quite the opposite but still a little jarring to see some stuff I'm not used to in mario such as blocks being broken so smoothly
-with some levels, you can just runjump then spam 'new super mario float jump' and that's good for speedrunning

-i can't believe you put that one game screen in this password screeen [that starts with a 7] and I didn't expect it. But beyond that, it was a crime i couldn't play 'that' game either.
-jumps are a little floaty.
-some sprites look out of place such as black bird, floating book. they have too much detail compared to other enemies
-some backgrounds are more shaded than others it's distracting
-i wanted to do luigi taunt but was greeted with this error message;


apart from that great job! I look forward to future development!
Fun and interesting Mario fangame!
Got an error in level 2-3:
action number 1​
of Other Event: User Defined 2​
for object obj_mario_warp:​
Variable obj_mario_warp.offset(106834, -2147483648) not set before reading it.​
at gml_Object_obj_mario_warp_Other_12​
yes, i am aware of it, it's in known issues, when you carry a vegetable into a pipe. hopefully i can fix it soon...