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I like the artstyle of the game quite a bit! Lots of polish and interesting badniks are in this game. Only problem mainly is the level design, where I was stuck ~ 4 minutes in. Overall very strong start.
Confusing level design, but otherwise incredibly beautiful aesthatic. Excited to see what comes next, hopefully the level design is less vertical and more traditional.
Hey Gnidel. I just wanted to say how much you've improved this game since I've last saw it in 2018. Its really fun and has really good ideas in it. Keep up the good work!

The only negative I can say is that rail grinding is a bit off and it still has the wonky presentation. But art wise it has improved dramatically.
Holy scrambled eggs, this game is awesome. The music is more ambient (and sometimes like the final boss i don't think that it matches well with what is happening in the screen) and less active, and the presentation in some areas aren't as polished as other parts. Trick system being stars that spin and change colors like in burnout games was great, the after images that indicates that your going fast is a great touch and the particles are well integreated in the world (some of them reflecting in the materials, great stuff), but the menus and some aspects of the hud didn't delivered as well for me (persona, sonic adventure reimagined and sonic heroes really spoiled me in this regard). Level designe dope, really fitting with the gameplay and lots of fun to run through (run and build speed through the stages really put me in the mood to skateboard again), and the gameplay might be the best we had in sonic games (but i really missed tails, although i know he would break some of the stages). Voice acting is very good, most of the voice lines and the actual voices really fitting with the characters (gotta give eggman props, he's great). The only thing i could criticize more is the length, because the game is so good i wanted more lol. Now I'm excited to what Greedy can do next.
This is the most good mega man fangame ever, i'm excited to see a game like this. A promising story, some damn good bgm and control feels so good.
Btw, would a 3ds port be possible? I already own a mega man perfect blue theme on my console lol, se having the game would be the best thing in the world
This game is amazing and here is a list of cheat codes
Fake Zero: L R L ↓ ↑ ← ← ↓ → ↑ ↑ ↓ ← ↑
Black Zero: L R L ↓ ↑ ← ← ↓ → ↑ ↑ ↓ ← ↓
Ultimate Mode: ↓ → ← ↑ R L R ↓
New Game+: ← → ↑ ↓ → → ← ←
Start as Hooded Zero: ↑ ↓ ↑ ↓ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ↓
Do you do them or the cheat codes?
Ken Gaming
I just do the cheat codes
and I found out the cheat codes by Zerogamer 2
It's a pretty good demo, although I do think this is just scratching the surface of what this gameplay style is capable of. The level design could use some work too. Otherwise, this is an amazing demo.
Overall, 9/10.
I'm'a leave these here, as a way of clarifying my active thoughts. Overall, I was impressed~ The levels are laid out well and have enough of a challenge to inspire you to keep going, but not so much its kaizo... with a few exceptions.

-I'm sure it's unintentional, since you've been good about fixing potential softlocks, but the cave has an especially glaring one. You get two shells, sure, but if both get off-screened and you get hit, which is really easy to do, you can get stuck in the first lower area and have to die to return to the start of the stage. I get the challenge, that being holding your powerup so you can get past the first main hurdle, but this softlock made me quit the stage in annoyance.

-You are a devil for throwing in a Big Bertha on the swamp level, and I respect that~

-The hardest stage i the demo has a few windows that are incredibly tight to reach, even if you know that you can hasten the P-Balloon travel speed with the run button, something I personally didn't know until here. That could easily be my fault, though, as I grew up with the GBA Mario World and not SNES(and heck, many of the issues I have really amount to 'I've played Mario World, just not the SNES original'), but maybe a hint block to mention it, just in case, would do wonders~

And in case you like watching me suffer.... I did play it as my Halloween 2020 stream~ Here are the relevant saved bits of the VOD~

The Sonic Master System/Game Gear controls fit in really well! And it's quite a BLAST to play. 10/10.
This game is amazing!, I'm just hoping for more updates in the future, the enemies are fun and the abilities are fun to use! .3.
how do u open the game
Best alpha I've ever played in my life,download as fast as you can :D
how do you download what app do you need to use to play this??????????? plleassssssssseeeeeeeee heeeeelp
@levthelev There is a file you can download. You can only play this game on a PC and Mac.
This is straight up my favorite videogame right now, even in demo form. I eagerly look forward to how this game shapes up with time!

So far I've put in about 30 hours worth of attempts at speedrunning the current SAGE 2020 demo. 20-30 more hours of untracked time was spent just dinking around with the physics or re-exploring all the areas to chat with NPCs and interact with environment details and flavor descriptions in the Petrov. My first blind playthrough session was roughly 4 hours long learning the basic gameplay mechanics, how mods worked, how to interact with NPCs, and boss patterns.

While there isn't a _lot_ of lore in the demo as it currently stands, there's plenty enough to give a sense for what this setting is like, a general sense of tone, interesting questions to consider about all of Petrov's main cast and their relationships, the scope of traveling around the galaxy while just trying to survive and get by, and some interesting points to speculate about what measure is a human, what makes a god, and what is the role of robots and AI in a far future where they're left to develop and refine themselves indefinitely.

Alien designs are varied and range from appealing to the mildly grotesque. Most of the combat currently in the game is against misbehaving automated machines, large battle-ready automated vehicles, and cyborg murderers seemingly built with the brains of humans who had already died. The cyborgs have a surprisingly versatile attack kit which covers closed range and long range attacks, while the other machines have a fairly simple behavior set that seems to imply what their function would otherwise be in a non-hostile state.

Also the game mechanics are cool. Cassie can swing around by dropping and grabbing ceilings to build momentum, jumping and grabbing the ground to launch herself, and do weird grapple stuff on walls to YEET HERSELF INTO THE SUN. Cassie goes fast and works out and punches stuff and can SLAM HER FOOT INTO HER ENEMIES AT HIGH SPEED. I like that!!

and alpha is plays like megaman zero but without the bad parts
if i die before the game is complete give cassie a balloon plz
but if i don't then do it aynway

I FREAKING LOVE THIS GAME. Easily looks like it might be a better game by the end than any of the individual games that inspired it.

anyway, bust a star why don't you


The games amazing, it's super fun to play. The first level is clearly a tutorial level and does a great job showing you how to play. I encountered one glitch, though. When using Fang's pop gun, you can hit broken monitors forever, thus giving infinite rings and lives.
The game is excellent! very well done, but what is the song that plays in the credits?
Viewpoint Credits Theme: Mes Volutes Bleus
Damn. What an awesome game. 9/10. The only reason im giving 9/10 is because its only demo. This game world building, fight intensity, characters, story is almost on the same level as games like "Under tale", "Blasphemous". I will have to play the whole game to really realize the what it ends up being but for what it is atm, its pretty awesome.

You would be shocked that when I first time finished this game (was playing as droid). I couldnt believe that the game finished. I thought I had downloaded the whole game. Went to webpage again, downloaded another file. Finished the whole game within 40 mins almost and then I was so shocked as to why it finished. Came to this webpage again only to realize that this is a demo lol. I am this much invested in this game :emoji_laughing::emoji_laughing::emoji_laughing:.

Btw. Can you provide me discord link? I want to stay upto date with your game. Its so damn awesome. If there is no discord server. I highly recommend you make one. It will help many fans of this game like me to stay upto date with your game.
Yo glad you liked it, certainly a weird length for a demo ahahaha

We don't have a public discord set up yet (I'll do it as some point just haven't really figured out what to do with it), but if and when that happens I'll probably post about it on the twitter
It's perfect, the level design, sprites, bosses, enemys, it's perfect. Can someone please give me the sprites to the game, I want to make some emojis for a Discord server.
I really love this game, man, i wish this game will be for Mobile too... i wish one day.
Btw i really like the story, the two main characters and the song, I almost have all the song so i can listen them anywhere I go.....
This game is awesome!

Great Job Starbuster Team!!