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I have no idea what KWRPG is, but I am really surprised - this is a brilliant game and probably my favorite MegaMan-styled game from SAGE2021. The enemies of the Kirby enemies were redesigned from fodder into deadly enemies, ranging from decent for MM to rivaling some of MM's most dangerous and clever enemies, with my favorites being TAC and the purple Waddle Doo. The weapons are a mad mix of many different MM weapons, making for a rather fun and useful arsenal - best one is probably the General Laser, as it's basically Earth/Terra's weapon but even better. Speaking of weapons, now most bosses can be dealt the same damage as buster with weapons that aren't weaknesses, making for much more variety than usual. The fortress... well, a city, to be exact, is really fun and well-done, even though there was a bit too much tiles and overall visuals taken from the third MegaMan for NES/FC in Stages 4 and 5. It was fine in Stage 3, but not three times in a row. The music is really nice, though with some obvious reused music from MegaMan here and there, mostly from 10. The story is decent, though after seeing the Gallery, I really feel that I am missing something here, since I didn't know most of these backstories (and one third of the characters!) before checking the gallery. But overall, this is just a plain fun game. It has a simple idea - and it executes it really well. Great job!
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