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Kirby Gamble Galaxy Stories - Sage 2018 Demo

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  • Kirby Gamble Galaxy Stories is a fangame based on the Nintendo series "Kirby"

    One peaceful day in Dream Land, while Dedede was up to his old tricks stealing food from all the citizens. A mysterious creature fell from the sky from an unknown location, the creature gets up and tells Kirby that a cosmic tyrant is going to invade his home, Popstar. So with the help of Meta Knight, the three travel to a familiar place, Gamble Galaxy. Now it's up to Kirby to put a stop to all this while uncovering what's really going on in this never-ending adventure...

    (Edit 08.24.18) SAGE is here at last!

    So we have released the demo for Kirby Gamble Galaxy Stories.

    The demo includes two levels, the returning Halberd and the brand new Asteriod Fields.
    Halberd retains many of it's traits from Kirby Squeak Squad and is visually inspired by Super Star Ultra.
    While Asteriod Fields includes original enemies, a boss fight, and a hidden cutscene.

    As well as a minigame called Skylands based on Strato Patrol EOS from Kirby Mass Attack.
    Skylands includes two modes:
    Kirby’s playthrough with is “Easy” where less enemies appear and more items are likely to show up.
    While Dedede’s playthrough is “Hard” where more enemies appear and less items are likely to show up.
    Although both modes don’t have a ending, they’re more or less endless runners. So your main goal is leveling up your score instead for the time being.

    Also enjoy using Spray Paints in the options, includes a few references to previous titles.




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Recent User Reviews

  1. Viperision
    "It has much potential"
    MegaStrimp likes this.
  2. Twins'R'Awesome
    "this one wasnt bad"
    Gameplay: This one was also nice. It's Kirby gameplay at its finest that gears towards the GBA games rather than the Kirby Super Star kind of gameplay that everyone seems to love. All-in-all, this had good level design, good gameplay, good everything, what more do I have to say? It's ok!

    Graphics: The repurposed/original aesthetics were also pretty good, if a little amateurish, but not a bad one in the slightest

    Music: The music was also pretty good. The remixed Halberd tune was a joy to the ears, and the original track for Asteroid Fields was just REALLY good.

    not much to say about this one other than its gud.
    MegaStrimp likes this.

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