Kirby Gamble Galaxy Stories - Extended Demo

Admittedly I have no experience playing Kirby Hacks or fan games, but I found your game to be fun and enjoyable. I like the level design and the music. The game play is fluid, and the controls were nice, and I say that last part as a guy who deplores using a keyboard instead of a control/gamepad.
I will admit, the first two (and partially the third) levels had me worried. But, the design gets better the deeper you go into it, with some neat ideas thrown in (mystics are a great way to avoid spriting entirely new sheets while still making engaging abilities for the player to use). The 5 health is also a neat change; it's a subtle but fair way to add difficulty rather than using the standard 6. I was having a blast by egg garden... until the boss. Please put the checkpoint in the room with the copy pedestals instead of at the actual boss itself. Fighting Magalor with abilities is a lot more fun than the standard star. Besides that gripe though, that was a really fun game once I got past Halberd, and definitely a lot more fun than your guys' previous demo. I look forward to what you guys bring in the future.
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