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Hyper's Quest Plus

Average User Rating:
  • Hyper's Quest Plus: Mystic Warp Drive is an updated version of Hyper's Quest: Mystic Warp. There's no story to be told here; it's just an expansion pack.
    We hope you enjoy what's in store.


    Developed by HyperSF
    Sprites: HyperSF, SEGA, BerserkerOx (source sprites)
    Music: HyperSF, CosmoBG
    Capture2.PNG Hyper's Quest Logo Remade.png spr_logo.png Stage.PNG Title Screen.PNG
  • Release 4 (final release)
    - Extra Battlestation Brawl level
    - Smaller stage edits
    - Technical improvements like patched glitches and reduced loading times
    And more!

    Release 3
    - Updated bosses
    - Extra Battlestation Brawl level
    - Fixed controls
    - Various technical improvements
    And much more!

    Release 2: Snow Drive Update
    - New levels for Episode 3
    - New music
    And more!
  • Contact me on Twitter @TheRealHypester for more information regarding the game or related games.

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Recent User Reviews

  1. Arbi323Riolu
    "Why are there so many placeholders?"
    It's not that bad of a game; it plays well, the physics are decent, and Hyper's sprites look pretty nice. However the level design isn't centered much on Hyper's abilities, making stuff like the Super-peelout kinda useless, the planets need to align for the dash to be used other than to just skip through the levels, and I only saw the double jump be necessary once. Also why does so much of the game look like it's a placeholder? Like seriously.
    1. HyperSonic Fan
      Thanks for your feedback.

      While I'd love to implement this stuff and make it better, I lost the files for the game and would have to rebuild it from the ground up if development were to continue.
  2. Zorropa F.P.S.
    "its a better hiper quest :)"
    HyperSonic Fan likes this.
    1. HyperSonic Fan
      I'm glad you think so. :)

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