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Go! Go! PogoGirl

General Information

The full game is out on Steam and itchio, as well as all major consoles!

Welcome to the Pogo Zone!

Jump on your pogo stick and bounce, bounce, bounce!
Go! Go! PogoGirl is a dynamic, cute and radical platformer about a girl and her pogo stick. Bounce your way through the world, collect gems, dance with flowers and then bounce some more! Also maybe encounter bugs, because this is a preview build.

(in case the download doesn't work, you can try this mirror)



Go! Go! PogoGirl is my attempt at a loveletter to the 16bit games that I grew up with so many years ago. So, so many years.

What was originally intended to be a small game just wouldn't stop growing, and I'm still not done yet. But I'm super excited to show you how far the game has come, especially since
SAGE 2020!

Features of the Full Game
Never stop bouncing - never stop platforming!
4 seasons with 5 levels each!
Bouncy boss fights!
Find hidden gems and complete challenges!
More things!

V2: Fixed an issue where confirm/cancel actions couldn't be remapped on gamepads.

How to Pogo (without falling on your face)

The controls in Go! Go! PogoGirl are fully remappable to both keyboard and gamepad, but here are the defaults you'll need to get your pogo on (gamepad buttons are based on the XBox model):

  • Arrow keys left, right / Gamepad DPad left, right): Move PogoGirl left or right. This is important if you want to move left or right.
  • Arrow key down / Gamepad DPad down: Charge up a superbounce. The longer you hold it the more powerful it is, but you probably guessed that. You can also start charging in the air. And if you release the charge the moment you touch the ground...well, just try it out!
  • C / Gamepad A: Perform a twirl in midair. This will not only give you some extra height, but also allows you to kick enemies in the face. Karate noises optional.
  • X / Gamepad B: Press it in midair and PogoGirl angrily stomps the ground, giving her more height than a regular bounce and allowing her to stomp switches and other things. Press the button at the apex of your jump to perform a radical Super Stomp.

Be Excellent!

Hey there, I'm Andrej. I'm making this game. If you want to help me make it, there's two things you can do!
First, you can
wishlist the game on Steam, which would help me out most tremendously.

But if you want to go an extra mile or two, you can also support me on Patreon! This will give you access to regular early builds, exclusive updates and more. I also do gamedev tutorials to help you make your own games. Ever wanted to develop your own Sega Mega Drive game? I've got the tutorials!

Join my Patreon! Game,s Tutorials, Mega Drive!


Music (except title and menu screen): Reflekshun
Keyart: Robert Keder (@lobsterblues)
Everything else: Andrej (that's me!)

Latest reviews

You pulled a pro gamer move making this short, I'm really happy you did!


-pogo girl would be perfect for indie pogo
-solidly fun gameplay
-simple music
-simple background
-she bounce
-short game so I can focus on the 5 levels and get perfects on them
-I was surprised it counted how many times I bounced


-hope an air dash could be added later on or a third jump
-no left stick controller binding [maybe in pause menu?]
-more bosses that make pogo girl move around and use her abilities more
-an unholy underwater boss

excellent progress! take my stars! I wishlisted this game and look forward to further development


I just played your game. Its a lot of fun. Very cute art style. The balancing is also nice, not too easy and not too hard.
Good job, well done 😍
This feels a lot like playing 2000-era PC platformers from The Daily Click, but with more polish. The wordless intro cutscene is very adroit at portraying events and emotions, and then the level design is generally just what you'd want without becoming too complicated or difficult. Given the game's big focus on collecting gems, I think some more effort could be put into making gem collection satisfying, especially visually. The seasons changing per level is a nice way to keep the player from getting too bored. You probably don't need the "x" in the HUD.

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