Emerald Race

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Emerald Race is a game taking inspiration from the Doomsday Zone from S3K as well as special stages from a range of other games. Race after the chaos emeralds whilst collecting blue orbs and rings and also avoiding obstacles such as red orbs and bullets. Each stage ramps up in difficulty concluding with a challenging boss fight. It may sound simple, but each level aims to surprise you with a new twist or mechanic.

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Bonus Content

Contains 7 stages, one for each chaos emerald. Designed to ramp up in difficulty each stage but you can play in any order you like.

Collect blue spheres to boost and catch up to the emerald. You also have a timer and HP in the form of a ring count, so make sure to keep that up as well.

Gameplay combines both faced pasted racing and dodging and bullet-hell segments.

Each UFO presents a unique challenge, some even aiding you!


Created By Brandon Lea
Made in Construct 2
Additional Art from Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Sonic CD
Music from Sonic Heroes, Sonic CD, The Embodiment Of Scarlet Devil
Also thanks to the SAGE team for responding to me quickly. :emoji_blush:
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