Dream Dasher

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Dream Dasher is a hand-drawn 2d platformer that's all about momentum.

The game revolves around the dashing mechanics, which allow you to do crazy maneuvers and soar quickly from one enemy to another.

We have been working hard on this project for around a year, and we're very proud of the results. Check it out!

If you'd like to keep up with development, make sure to check out our Discord server.

*This build contains an entire first world with plenty of levels to play. At the moment, we are working on a complete overhaul, with a larger number of shorter levels instead of the few long ones available here.
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This took me by surprise, I am glad I tried out this incredibly charming game.

The controls are really good and really simple to understand, and work really well. I never had a point in the game where I died and felt that it was unfair, I always felt that the failure was due to my own mistake.

It is very beautiful and I like the simplicity of the designs.

Overall, amazing work.
i hope people don't over look this game. this is simply fantastic. 0 complaints. everything is right.

tl;dr controllable canvas course is what was needed.

art, music, and program skills are fantastic!


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