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Donnie the Chao Special Edition

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Donnie The Chao also formerly known as Donnie The Hedgehog is a fan hack for everything @SSF1991 related.
This hack may or may not scare the kids at Halloween parties.
This hack may or may not be controversial.
This hack may or may not have memes.
It's all on the player to decide.

*Shut Up Donnie Zone - There's no better way to start an adventure than with Green Hill night!
*Donnie the Bus Zone - Originally an ancient ruin, it is now left behind and flooded with toxic Mountain Dew. Watch out, for it will give you a burn.
*Somecallmedon Zone - Suddenly, Donnie is being accused of taking over SomecallmeJohnny's Spring Yard and sucking out all of its color. Now it's up Donnie to prove that those claims are bullshit and are infact a lie created by Donald Trump!
*Memelord Donne Zone - This underwater cave complex contains caveman drawings showing the first instances of "Shut up, Donnie!", a simple 3 word sentence that would later become a cult classic.
*Redhotdonnie Zone - Once upon a time, redhotsonic traveled to Mobius and teamed up with a giant talking egg to bring down Sonic, leading to this doomed future, where...THE WHOLE CITY IS ON FIRE! And wait, is that tornado carrying a car?! I just hope there wont be any annoying white hedgehogs to spoil the fun and send you out of bounds.
*Donnie Escape Zone - Trying to find out just who is responsible for all of this mess, Donnie finds a building that claims to give other people "satisfiction". Donnie suspects that this is bullshit, and instead thinks that this is the headquarters of the big baddie...whoever it may be.
*Donnie Senpai Zone - After avoiding hazards, it's time to fight your worst nightmare: The Crushing Pillars of Boredom!
*Meme Zone - The sound effect once you do the level select is the code to this stage. This stage will make your dreams become memes.

CaveQuest- Level Layout, Special Stages, Art and Music.
LuigiXHero- Music
LordXernom- Music
Quirby64- Art.
SSF1991- Voice and Playtester. (Except for this version)
DevEd- Art and Level Layout.
Baraksha- Art(Signpost).
Sonic Retro and SSRG tutorials for some stuff.
Special Thanks to FireRat and The rest of Team Overload for support and help.



This is not the latest build but is known for the final build with the Meme Zone.

If you want to contact me for feedback so am I over at SFGHQ discord and on Twitter.


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