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SAGE 2022 - Demo Brock Crocodile Demo 2022

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Brock Crocodile returns to SAGE... Maybe one last time?! Join us on our most polished demo to date and the final iteration of the current Brock. In this demo you'll be blasting your way through the Raptor Ruins, facing against a horde of bees and then enjoy chilling in the town of Crocoh Lake.


The following features

- Two levels to adventure through: Beehive Battleship is a mechanical marvel… but it’s also a beehive, so try not to get stung! But before then you'll have to take care of some menacing turtle punks in the Raptor Ruins
- Customisable controls: Want to play the game with your own setup? No problem! Customise the inputs however you like. W, A, S, and D or Up, Down, Left and Right - pick whatever suits you! D-pad? Analogue stick? We’ve got you covered!.
- Window options: Choose from a variety of sizes for the game's 'windowed' mode. Alternatively, you can enjoy the demo in complete fullscreen glory!
- Chiptune music goodness for your soul: Enjoy music that is totally from a Mega Drive, you'll be reliving the 90s listening to this soundtrack!
- A richer narrative: Get to know the characters and world of Brock Crocodile. Now you can chat with the (mostly) friendly residents of Crocoh Lake, and enjoy quirky story-snippets in all-new cutscenes.
- A cosy place to crash: You can access Brock’s pad to get hints for secret treasures, change your controls, and even listen to the game's soundtrack. Oh, and it’s a pretty cool place to hang out, too!

Please consider what Brock has to say below and support the project with a Wishlist


Listen to BROCK! Visit the Steam page today.

We would also love it if every who has played the demo would be kind enough to provide some feedback in the link below. It's important for us to hear what you really think about the game and in ways we can improve the gameplay, art and music to create the best gaming experience possible from our team.

Also find us on


Hey YOU! Want to draw Brock? Well here's a reference sheet!​

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