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Greetings and welcome to the Astral Blitz page!

Original idea created by PixelEric and given life by DaNinjaManZ, Astral Blitz is a shoot 'em up that we have been developing on and off around late 2018 as a two man team new to game development. Since then the team has gained a few extra members and so, we are doing our best to make Astral Blitz the best game it can be!

Astral Blitz takes a lot of its inspiration from all kinds of shoot 'em ups, from old classics to modern gems. The core ideas come from classic titles such as R-Type, Gradius and ThunderForce, while new titles such as Zero Ranger and Devil Engine helped us expand our ideas in new ways, but we have some tricks up our sleeves to make things feel unique enough. Our primary goal with this game is to make as hype of a shmup as our abilities and minds will allow us, and gain more experience as future indie developers. We hope you enjoy what we have to offer, with our game!

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DISCLAIMER Due to time constraints, the demo is sadly quite a bit simpler and shorter than we originally intended. We plan to update the demo periodically in order to be of the quality we originally had hoped it to be. We thank you for your interest in trying out our little shmup, and hope to improve it as much as we possibly can.


In this demo You'll have access to Classic Mode and be able to play completely through Stage 1.

Bonus Content

-Basic Shot-
This is your default weapon, a rapid shot that does decent damage.

-Spread Shot - Blue-
Fire 3 shots in a spread pattern, the shots that are at an angle do less damage than the straight one.

-Laser Beam - Red-
A powerful laser beam that does high damage, it can't pierce enemies.

-Homing Shot - Yellow-
Fire shots that homes at the enemies closest to you, its power below the rest but makes up with its homing ability.

-Charge Shot - Special-
By pressing and holding the SPECIAL weapons button you can do a charge shot, you can't use your normal attacks while charging so be careful when using it.​


[07/09/2020] 02:52AM - General update, time limit gone, added detailed changelog in-game.
[05/09/2020] 02:57AM - Build update.
[05/09/2020] 02:39AM - Build update.


Director/Art and Character Design:

Co-Director/Lead Programmer:

Music and Sound Effects:
big fat dynamo

Programming Assistance:

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Latest reviews

Well this is rather short, isn't it? First boss and it ended for me. Yeah, I know this is a demo, but I was sorta expecting something more? But no matter, what is presented here is something promising in my eyes, I really like the NES look and feel of it. Keep up the good work.
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That was really short. You've told me that there's another version, so I'll have to check it out. I enjoyed the way the background had pseudo-parallax scrolling like a late NES game. Felt authentic.

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