Among the Others (SAGE 2018 Demo)

I have always been a coke man myself, though for some strange reason I am craving Pepsi now... Any way great work, I love the fact that there are multiple characters, and hope both will be in the final.
Alright I don't get your obsession with off brand coke but I think this is an alright thing! The art is very well made. Tho I have noticed a few bugs that make me pissed off. I got hit by a motobug and flied off the screen where I died. Could you fix it? Also the game freezes when soft resetting. But other then that. I feel you have possibly made one cool and interesting hack!
this was the 1st game i ended up playing on sage 2018.

wasn't sure what i was getting myself into but it turned out nice and fun.

i like the custom sprites.

level layout is decent too!

looking forward to playing more stages.

if anything i can say that might be taken as actual constructive would be.

You might wanna look into a different placement for some enemies. because they seem to be directly in the middle of a couple of sections that felt like it was meant for a good run. although that's my opinion.
After looking at that "thing" on the title screen, i expected this to be some bait and switch horror romhack. i was pleasantly suprised, the new abilities are fun to use, the level design is really good, the music is great. i'm excited to see the full game.