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    If you're reading this and wondering why there's so few posts here...

    Most of our activity is in discord these days. Link's at the top.
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    Are there any Sonic Games people find objectively bad, which you like?

    Depends on your definition of objectively, buuuuut... Games that are bad, but I love: Adventure 1, Adventure 2, Colors, Generations, Secret Rings, 3D Blast Games that are bad, but I don't necessairly dislike them: Unleashed, All the advance games, the riders series Games that are bad and I...
  3. Perfect Chaos Zero

    Review by 'Perfect Chaos Zero' on item 'Dream Crafter'

    Absolutely fantastic. Manages to have endless possibilities. It's basically Mario Maker for Kirby. Absolutely fucking lit, can't wait to see if you take it even further. 10/10, 5 stars, one of my favorite games from SAGE this year.
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    Fan Game Sonic Encore

    You should seriously consider making an entry on the showcase for this!
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    We're extending things by abouuuut a day or so!
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    How long does it take for a game to be approved for SAGE?

    Well not just that, we don't approve (activate) them until the start of the event. If there's a problem with your booth, you'll be contacted. No news is good news.
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    Fangames aren't better than the Official Titles.

    Greedy is hitting the nail on the head. It's also important to mention that even the "bad" Sonic games that SEGA makes are significant to fan gamers. The only reason us amateurs can come up with ideas on how to improve on Sonic's game play is because SEGA already has tried and refined so many...
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    Old Sonic fan games

    *walks in* Sonic Fan Game Demoes Circa 2005 and before. Cancelled Sonic Fan Games 2005 and before Completed Sonic Fan Games from 2005 or before The necessary DLL files etc to play games from this era *drops mic, walks out*
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    Fan Game Sonic Encore

    Bruh, this is fucking rad, did you submit this to SAGE yet?
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    Fangames aren't better than the Official Titles.

    Now let's hold on a second. That's a dangerous line of thinking anyway. Fan games aren't better than the official games, we're not here to "replace" SEGA's works in any sense. The fact is, fan games exist because of the official titles, often using the same ideas and even assets from them in...
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    Discord server ban appeals You can also just DM me on discord, which is the best route. I'm in the Sonic Retro and SSRG servers as well.
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    Fan Game Sonic Crisis: Twilight Relevation

    I would like to point out that, I looked into this just a bit. As you can see, the title in both submissions is in fact, water marked. You can also see from this screenshot that it was made explicitly for the use of one Evening Realm, which judging by the name, appears to be Evening Sun. As...
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    Rockets ain't for jumpin'! Who gave you that!?

    Rockets ain't for jumpin'! Who gave you that!?
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    README! SFGHQ Rules & Guidelines

    【1】About the Rules 1.1 - Every rule in here may be subject to change. 1.2 - Just because something isn't written here, it doesn't mean it's allowed. Common sense always prevails. 1.3 - Staff members will always have the final say when applying the rules. 【2】General Guidelines 2.1 - Be civil...
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    So like, where them rues at?

    What Lange said (they'll becoming in the next day or so tho)
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    Sonic Forces

    Why would that even be a decision Ilzuka would make? O.o He's not that kind of designer/producer dude, that's some lead programmer shit. Let's just chillax and hope Atlus helps Sonic Team with the next 3D Sonic game.
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    Awesome. This is pretty cool! I love to see any form of creativity in this community and writing "for reals" is something we REALLY don't get enough of! Very refreshing to see. Also option 1 or 2 in poll ftw Find the truth!
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    Win Sonic Mania

    Misinko's story definitely had the most effort, but B0M's story is the one that was the funniest. That being the case, I might just give both of them prizes haha. B0M wins first place though cause his was funnier, although I really enjoyed Misinko's story, just wish it wrapped up a bit...
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    Can Modern Sonic Be Saved?

    You don't. You vote with your wallet. <3
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    Win Sonic Mania

    Awesome stories guys! B0Ms was definitely the funniest so he gets first prize. Misinko's had a ton of effort though, so I just might give them a prize as well haha.
  21. Perfect Chaos Zero

    Can Modern Sonic Be Saved?

    @Nintender Not to be rude sir and not to be hating, but I'm afraid you have no idea what the fuck you're talking about. Like I said, not hating or trying to be mean here but duuuuuude that's so not cool. You're bitching about things in a completely out of context and very ignorant manner...
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    Dope stuff you may not be aware of!

    Another neat feature: Quoted posts have a little arrow that will take you straight to the quoted post. No more full page reloading, just being taken to the thread page or nothing at all like some forums do.
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    Win Sonic Mania

    A'okay so long as a warning of such content precedes the story
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    Win Sonic Mania

    Any length, any format. Just tell a story, be PG-13, nothing racist or offensive obviously and of course, be as funny as possible.
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    Win Sonic Mania

    Gonna give away a copy of Mania on steam. If you win, I'll send it to you or the person of your choice. The contest is simple. Write a funny Eggman or Knuckles short story. Bonus points if it's Eggman and Knuckles. Short story can be whatever length you want, but can only include characters or...
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    Dope stuff you may not be aware of!

    The little arrow button in the lower right will bring you to the top of any page! Other great features: As you write, the forum will auto save drafts of your post. No more accidentally hitting backspace outside of the editing window, only to lose your entire novella sized diatribe about Sonic...
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    Seems groovy mang

    Seems groovy mang
  28. Perfect Chaos Zero

    well shiiiiit son

    well shiiiiit son