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  1. Perfect Chaos Zero

    If you're reading this and wondering why there's so few posts here...

    Most of our activity is in discord these days. Link's at the top.
  2. Perfect Chaos Zero

    README! SFGHQ Rules & Guidelines

    【1】About the Rules 1.1 - Every rule in here may be subject to change. 1.2 - Just because something isn't written here, it doesn't mean it's allowed. Common sense always prevails. 1.3 - Staff members will always have the final say when applying the rules. 【2】General Guidelines 2.1 - Be civil...
  3. Perfect Chaos Zero

    Win Sonic Mania

    Gonna give away a copy of Mania on steam. If you win, I'll send it to you or the person of your choice. The contest is simple. Write a funny Eggman or Knuckles short story. Bonus points if it's Eggman and Knuckles. Short story can be whatever length you want, but can only include characters or...