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    Fan Game Hyper's Quest 2: Tube-iverse in Peril - Major Help Needed

    To be brief, I need: +An animator for the game's new intro and (possibly) ending +A new sprite artist or two (other than myself and another person) +Someone who knows how to program bosses in the Sonic Max Engine Any and all help would be greatly appreciated
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    Fan Game Hyper's Quest 2: Tube-iverse in Peril

    Hello everyone. I'm The Hypester, and I'd like to talk to you all about my current project known as Hyper's Quest 2: Tube-iverse in Peril. The game is currently a work-in-progress, and is a sequel to Hyper's Quest Mystic Warp. If you would like to contact me about the game's development, please...
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    Fan Game Hyper's Quest 2: Development Log

    Hyper's Quest: Tube-iverse in Peril is the sequel to the ridiculously bad Hyper's Quest: Mystic Warp. Starting out as a remake, it's been recently confirmed by me (the developer) that it's a sequel as it has multiple callbacks to the previous game. The story Dr. Eggman/Robotnik has just...
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    Fan Game I got tired of waiting so I'm releasing the demo in the forums for a limited time

    Race through over 13 fast paced levels as one of three characters! Utilize Hyper's Limit Breaker ability to stomp to the ground, surpass the speed of sound with Sonic and use his Multi Air-Dash ability to keep that homing chain going even if you miss, and glide through the skies and scale walls...