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    The cycle of Sonic fangames must end.

    I understand your point pretty well. You want to see more love shown to the shows and comics, which I get. Not a lot of people know about the old cartoons and comics. But can I just slide this onto your desk for a minute? I won't get into spoilers, but it draws heavily from Sonic SatAM. It's...
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    Fan Game I got tired of waiting so I'm releasing the demo in the forums for a limited time

    Not gonna lie; looking back, this game could've been better. Like, way better. But I've moved on from the project. But if anyone wants to play this game at all, just out of boredom or curiosity for what might've been, feel free.
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    Review by 'MegaHypeSpace' on item 'Sonic Transitions'

    This game was a ton of fun to (no pun intended) blast through. Giving Sonic the ability to change directions after each homing attack was genius, I'll say. I also noticed he had the ability to stomp when you pressed down and the jump button. Nice touch. Great level design, great music, great...