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  1. Teabat!

    SAGE 2020 - Demo Teabat!

    Notice! Please download from ! The guardian bat of Camomile Forest is awoken by a plethora of spooks stealing all the tea! No option but to take chase and restore the forest! Flutter around a big seamless world, bopping ghosts and collecting tea in style on your...
  2. GameMaker - Voxel-Based 3D Renderer

    GameMaker - Voxel-Based 3D Renderer

    A simple voxel-based rendering engine for GameMaker Studio based on the guide @ Includes both hardware and software implementations, and a few essential features. Credits: Guide : Background: Branmarker 2 - D.O...
  3. Teabat! - XMAS 2019 Demo

    Demo Teabat! - XMAS 2019 Demo

    A little bat who is sworn to protect his forest of tea is awoken by a strange invasion of spooks! Flutter around a big connected world, bopping ghosts and collecting tea on your way to solve the mystery! There's 66 teapots to collect across the world, collect as many as you can! (you'll need...
  4. Cathoder - CRT Shader

    Cathoder - CRT Shader

    Features: - Texture-based shadow maps (pixel arrangement/style) - Plenty of phosphor display types (ie. Color, Monochrome, Amber) - Multiple preset assets for specific CRTs (ex. PC monitor, Trinitron, vintage) - Composite/RF color bleeding & rainbow banding. - Overscan and configurable...
  5. Sonic 1 (SMS) Refreshed Sprites

    Sonic 1 (SMS) Refreshed Sprites

  6. Sonic

    Game Maker Studio Sonic version of Sonic MAX, used for Lara Boom Underground. Designed to replicate Sonic JAM on
  7. Sonic CD Title and Intro Recreation [Source]

    Game Maker Sonic CD Title and Intro Recreation [Source]

  8. 3D Parallax Examples

    Game Maker 3D Parallax Examples

    Original examples by Damizean. Extra examples made by me a long time ago for various projects.
  9. Sonic MAX

    Game Maker Studio Sonic MAX

    Sonic Max is an open-source Sonic engine made in GameMaker Studio. The main purpose with this engine is to be as accurate as possible to the classic Genesis games, while allowing for as much customization as possible. Sonic MAX is designed to be efficient and easy to use with many flags for...
  10. [Legacy/Deprecated] Sonic GENZ

    Game Maker [Legacy/Deprecated] Sonic GENZ

    An Unreleased Sonic Engine, I was working on in early 2014, which was replaced by Sonic MAX. Sonic MAX was originally just a separate project for testing a new physics system for Genz, but I decided to scrap Genz, and rebuild from the new base, resulting a whole new engine. This is version...
  11. [Legacy/Deprecated] Nasziku GM Recording Tool

    Game Maker [Legacy/Deprecated] Nasziku GM Recording Tool

    Used for recording input data for time-trial ghosts, or replays. (Deprecated)
  12. Tpot's Colour-Corrected Genesis Sprite Pack

    Tpot's Colour-Corrected Genesis Sprite Pack