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    SADX Sins: A blog about Sonic Adventure DX downgrades

    I took some time to sit down and read through this, and I gotta say, this was quite an interesting and enjoyable read. It's laid our nicely, the comparisons were very well put together, and the explanations to certain issues (like the Lantern lighting system, for instance) were clear enough for...
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    Fan Game Sonic Overture [2014 Demo Available]

    Even though the demo was such a small taste of the game, Overture is probably one of my most anticipated fan games. The art and aesthetic of the overall game thus far has been very pleasing, and the music has been quite nice as well. I can't wait to see what's to come from this in the future!
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    Classic or Modern Design?

    The biggest mistake they made with the modern design was adding green eyes. Absolutely disgusting.
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    Favorite version of Sonic?

    In terms of personality, I'd say the 'Sonic the Comic' Sonic. He's just a complete asshole to everyone and it's pretty funny. For style, I'd say Tyson Hesse's Sonic all the way.
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