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    Comment by 'Neo Hazard' in article 'The Sonic Amateur Games Expo 2020 Guidelines and Deadlines!'

    You should still be able to add said zip file back. Please contact staff if there's further issues.
  2. The Sonic Amateur Games Expo 2020 Guidelines and Deadlines!

    The Sonic Amateur Games Expo 2020 Guidelines and Deadlines!

    Submission Guidelines For this year making use of Sonic Fan Games HQ’s Showcase is mandatory. If you’re unsure how to use the Showcase, please refer to our guide below! Please do NOT send your entry to the SAGE email. If you do not use the Showcase, YOUR ENTRY WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED TO SAGE...
  3. The Idea Guy: Gaming's Dreaded Egomaniac

    Opinion The Idea Guy: Gaming's Dreaded Egomaniac

    I've been asked for a while to turn one of my videos into an article for SFGHQ. I feel like a lot of folks in this community have likely seen it in some capacity already, but in case you like to read instead of hear my voice, here goes: If you frequent forums, Discords, and other areas of...
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    Sonic fan games playable on Android

    Happen to come across this when checking a couple things so sure, why not. Point blank, there's currently no fan games I'm aware that have controller support on Android. I've got no idea how viable that is, but from what I understand, it's a bit of a drag to do. That being said, if you have...
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    Post Your Screenshots Thread

    Holy crap that looks awesome. Are you shooting for the Hacking Contest in December?
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    Fan Game Untitled Linear Sonic Fangame

    While it's unconventional, a more linear Sonic game like the Game Gear/Master System games would be interesting. Digging the graphics and sprite work, but I'd reckon for Sonic and his speed, your bottom screen shot is probably what you should aim for as far as screen size is concerned. Looking...
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    My SAGE Reviews for 2017

    Always look forward to the review slews, glad to have 'em back!
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    Game Roblet Land

    Digging this project, Tamagotchi meets Chao Gardens only with robots. Sounds like a pretty winning formula to me! Question though, do you plan on having different activities for the Roblets, like the races and karate of the Chao Gardens? Hope to see more soon, keep up the stellar work!
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    Post Your Screenshots Thread

    Loving what I'm seeing in here! Just a reminder, if you're gonna submit to SAGE, we'd love to have these games featured in the trailer!
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    What is your favorite Sonic handheld title?

    On a SEGA system, Triple Trouble is the best, easily. But on any handheld? Sonic Advance. First one is the only good one.
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