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New Showcase Comments

  1. Thesonicfan21
  2. Arbi323Riolu
    I wanna review this, yet i can't get past the tutorial. How do you double jump?
  3. Fresh Sparks
    It wont work I tried RAR it didn't work
  4. WeirdJaiden
    I dont even know where the download button is!
  5. TTebbs
  6. TTebbs
    If you leave Tails in water and quickly run away. When he spawns on you instead of his normal flying animation he is doggie paddling in mid air.
  7. TTebbs
    "Now this is some serious gourmet stuff" -Samuel L. Jackson September 23, 1994
  8. GuilhermeBMotta
  9. MrSonic15234
    SO NİCE! good concept and spiretes and abilities are good also physics not so bad good luck for SAGE 2019
      GuilhermeBMotta likes this.
  12. tailsisbestboi
    should this work with cracked versions?
  13. Mintfox
    Its looking beautiful. Hopefully ill get to play the full version someday.
  14. Mintfox
    Looks like im going to play the actual version of sonic 06. Heres a fact: The version of Sonic 06 that was released was just a beta version.
  15. Shadonic
    This was the best fan game I've ever played.