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New Showcase Reviews

  1. Zidan Arrasyid
  2. Arbi323Riolu
    "amazinf gammmmme!!!!"
    its so cool and so cool and you pley as lerasu and kil bad gui and is so fun and cool and god and please somebody fucking help me i haven't eaten for 6 months and i can't get out of this fucking basement i'm being forced to write this someone... View Full Review
  3. Arbi323Riolu
    "Needs some work"
    The visuals are incredible, first of all. I love the way all of the characters look, and the levels stick to their themes perfectly. Music is good, the way it's handled isn't though. The way that the music loops is incredibly lazy and the audio... View Full Review
  4. Arbi323Riolu
    "A fucking blast!"
    For the first non-sonic related SAGE game i've played, it's really fun (if you couldn't tell lmao). The sprite work is very smooth, expressive and it's just beautiful! The game is really good-looking, especially the third stage. Crash plays... View Full Review
  5. Arbi323Riolu
    "So long ago they asked themselves a question"
    How would Sonic 2 look like in HD? And now, almost 10 years later... we know the answer. THIS is what Sonic 2 would look like in HD. The entire thing is probably more beautiful than an entire art gallery. The music kicks SOOOO much ass. Chemical... View Full Review
  6. Arbi323Riolu
    "I'll have two, please"
    This is really good! The music sounds great (boss theme is my jam lmao), The game plays amazingly well (also yes, having the spindash disabled by default makes sense) and the game looks absolutely GORGEOUS! Also EGGMAN IS IN PYJAMAS AND THE... View Full Review
  7. Jayson Jean
    "A lesser Sonic Forces"
    I can applaud the developer(s) for incorporating Modern Sonic's gameplay from Forces in a 2D style, but it really don't go much far there. Basically to put it short, if you don't like Sonic's playstyle from Forces, you won't like it much here. View Full Review