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New Showcase Comments

  1. PicsAndPixels
    Ladies and Gentlemen... We may be looking at the world's first... DOUBLE FANGAME [IMG]
      P3DR0 likes this.
  2. DreamSonic
  3. DreamSonic
  4. Unlimited Trees
  5. Jorge Gzz 123
    hola me encanto la primer demo pero en que carpeta se encuentra el ejecutable???? no lo encuentro o tengo que usar el mismo?
  6. Acidhog
    Im sorry but what does this have to do with sonic the hedgehog?
  7. Sslaxx
    Thanks for supplying a Linux build!
  8. JeriiUzimkai
    The second playthrough of the new update was fun and solid! But, there are still some issues of course: - In Pyramid Cave, only one switch works and the others are defective. So if the door closes, I have to die or restart in order to play again...
  9. DreamSonic
    This Fangame looks nice, not bad!
  10. EveningSun
    You're using a stolen title. Along with the logo.
  11. Defalt
    Does this have any viruses?
  12. Mors
    I left a rating without a proper review, assuming I could just review the game later. But apparently you can't review a game after rating them. Nice. Anyways this is probably the most promising game on SAGE this year. The controls feel great,...
  13. Sslaxx
    Linux builds if possible, please?
  14. Foxeh
    So there's a really annoying bug that seems to be happening with like 1% of players. basically it includes the player moving on it's own when no buttons are being pressed. please let me know if you have experienced this issue as well. also it may...
  15. yehunatan
    i have an error it says failed to load mono how can i fix it?
  16. Neon Zephyr
    Is the game pausing when I press the jump button a known glitch? I'm using a XBox360 controller, but pressing A registers as start. Also, just tested that start button just closes the game. Beyond that, it looks fantastic so far! I really love...
  17. UnaManzana
    This engine has so much potential, i can't wait to see a level o full game whit this!
  18. Miles Electric
    I've downloaded ages and have noticed a bug that causes me to move left even while pressing nothing on keyboard or on an Xbox controller. I've attempted to delete and re-download also but have not seen improvements as i thought my pc or...
  19. Sslaxx
    Any possibility of a Linux build?
  20. VolcanoTheBat
    Physics just need to be tweaked a bit more to capture the 06/SA feel to it