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New Showcase Reviews

  1. PicsAndPixels
    "Ken Penders' vision™ brought to stunning reality"
    Do you think God stays in heaven because he too lives in fear of what he has created? View Full Review
  2. Unlimited Trees
    "Game of Existence"
    This is the best fan game. It's extremely fun and is beautiful. I recommend this over Sonic Utopia. Any Sonic fan should play this. It perfectly shows off everything good about videogames. 10/10 View Full Review
    "5 star b/c ik this game will be awesome!"
    To the creator of this new game i have seen the video gameplays and the animation the way he moves lands runs etc. Let me tell u i only made this account b/c i wanted to let u know to keep going man this makes me remember why i love sonic!! And... View Full Review
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  4. Unlimited Trees
    "It's Sonic 06"
    It's Sonic 06 but with bug fixes and the ability to sink in the sand. Still an awful game. Bug fixes weren't the main reason Sonic 06 was shit. View Full Review
  5. Gewwy
    "Impressive work, with some thoughtful touches."
    Not only does this feel like a faithful translation and refinement of Classic Sonic gameplay into 3D (the closest of which I feel so far has been the Adventure series). It figures that with momentum-based gameplay, there needs to be a way to... View Full Review
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  6. Myles
    "Love the CD style of Sonic!"
  7. Acidhog
    "Its very basic."
    This game is very short and basic and does nothing new to mix things up. This could have been a rom hack and no one would see a difference. If you are looking for a game like this but better then get PetitHedgehog. View Full Review
  8. TailsIsGood
    i still have problem with the game but... whatever View Full Review
  9. joako
    "es casi perfecta párese un juego original: emoji_l"
    : emoji_laughing: View Full Review
  10. Speedysanic
    this is a pretty good game, but I think you should add mighty, tails, knuckles, and ray to the game so there's more variety on gameplay! :emoji_grinning::emoji_smile::emoji_slight_smile: View Full Review
  11. megapig9001
    "Two Words"
    Sunset Park. View Full Review
  12. Riseodvi
    "Super cool physics!"
    This reminds me of the HedgePhysics engine that LakeFepard made but just a little more fun and bouncy. All the slope movement and other Sonicy stuff is very fluid, and the camera did a really good job of naturally moving along with Sonic. My only... View Full Review
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  13. Guilherme Cásar
  14. azoo
    "I'm blown away"
    Sonic has such a pop to his movement, and his turning and general acceleration is just so natural. Bouncing on enemies feels just right, and the homing attack's compromise of halving the speed/height from before contact (but still retaining it,... View Full Review
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  15. Wingzzzzy
    "A great Remake of a great game"
    Sonic Advance Revamped is one of the best remakes that i have ever seen made by a fan as it capture the feel and style of the game. View Full Review
  16. Sean Evans
    "Really cute"
    This was pretty fun. The visuals were nice and simple, and pretty to look at. The GBA remixes were put together well. The game was a little wonky at spots, but it was definitely playable. I'd work on the level design though. Parts where I'm... View Full Review
  17. Arctiq
    "a nice and stylish game"
    This game caught me by surprise. I was expecting something clunky and frustrating when I got the complete opposite. The fairly unique art style lends itself well to the game's simplistic mechanics without being too cringy. However, the background... View Full Review
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  18. Kevin04
    I just played this game, and I actually really enjoyed it. Sonic in 2D with moves from the modern games fits really well in this game! The music is good. Being able to play as Shadow too is pretty cool and the Chaos Dive is a neat ability for... View Full Review
  19. Sean Evans
    "It's Back"
    I have my issues with the art style in a couple of places, and the physics aren't perfect, but I'd be lying if I said this wasn't a damn fine showing. It's almost a bit unfair. S2HD is a big deal, and it's probably one of the most high profile... View Full Review
  20. Clox
    "Its somewhat stable and ok"
    The game's interface its actualy pretty good and i am glad i get to choose what lenguage to play, the gameplay seems pretty decent when the game works there are some serious slowdown on some sections of the test stage and there are somethings... View Full Review