The 20th Anniversary of Sonic Amateur Games Expo is finally live and it's our biggest yet! Featuring over 200 games, a packed schedule and a nifty Museum feature where you can learn a bit about SAGE's history through the years.

This year hasn't been a kind one, which is why we decided to work extra hard this year to guarantee at the very least one whole week filled to the brim with positivity and lots of games to go through.

First things first:

Do expect some instability with our servers, especially in the first couple of days. Like with every year we've tried our best to guarantee a smooth experience and we do expect it to get a little better in the next few days.

We also have, as it has been present in the past few years a Child's Play donation going, we know money is a little tight for a lot of us this year, but if you can spare a few bucks for a good cause, you can find a link for that here:

We also have a back-up thread going on Twitter where you can download some of the available games in this year's event right here:

Our good friends over at Tails Channel also have some links going right here:

Last, but not least, our friend and the brain behind the gorgeous looking website (we promise you there's one behind the 500 Internal Server Error screen) @Cinossu is also hosting a mirror site of SAGE in the following link:
While you won't be able to download any games using it if the main website is down, you will be able to use the Interact page to get together with your favorite streamers as well as check out our schedule for this year.

Thank you very much,
Stay home & have a great SAGE!