The theme is:
"Sonic 4 Episode III"
and you have until October 23th
to see your vision of what this sequel would look like.

RAGE 2022 IS STARTING from October 17th to 24th
You'll have to make the silliest or most crummy game you can with the theme of the year, of which this year's theme isn't currently announced. Here's the rules:

  • No nsfw, hateful content of any kind, obviously.
  • Needs to follow the theme, at least loosely.
  • No spam, ad or harmful content and no messing around with people's Windows.
  • Must be done by the end of the week.
  • Using frameworks or done assets is completely fine, you can do whatever.
  • Needs to be bad.
  • Deadline is October 23th, 11:59pm PT. You have exactly one week to make your game.
We'll be hosting a stream of the games that were made for this event near after the deadline.


Send your bad games to this e-mail:
[email protected]