An important message from SAGE and SFGHQ Staff!

Dear SAGE Attendees!

Hi there! Thanks for checking out SAGE this year! You know, with the release of Sonic Mania, our community has finally achieved it’s dream of some of our members one day making an official Sonic game. It’s a huge inspiration for all of us and really shows us all that we can make an impact! In that spirit, this year, we’re holding a fund raiser to benefit Child’s Play! Huge shout out and thank you to Taxman, Stealth, Brad, Hunter, Jameson, Falk and the rest of the Mania team! You guys are what inspired us to really make a difference!

So what’s Child’s Play? Child’s Play is a charity dedicated to providing fun, video games and awesome experiences to terminally sick children. Providing awesome experiences and games is what we’re all about anyway, so it’s right up our alley! We’d like to extend a huge thank you to SEGA, Takashi Iizuka and Sonic Team for being WAY cooler than SOME video game companies. Allowing us Sonic fan gamers to flourish instead of stomping us out has cultivated an education focused community that has taught tons of our members skills and lessons that they’ve turned into real careers.

It’s not just Mania, our members are have been involved in things like Fruit Ninja, Freedom Planet and even MS Office. It’s all thanks to SEGA letting us use Sonic as an educational tool to further the careers of so many bright you talents. This is our way of giving back. Thanks SEGA, thanks to your pro-education stance all these years, you’ve created a force that can accomplish some real good.

You can find the donation widget inside the menu side bar on the left OR at the top of this post!! All donations go DIRECTLY to Child’s Play, 100%!  Since the money goes straight to them, you can feel safe and secure knowing that every single penny of your donation goes straight to those sick kids! We do all this for free, but we’re super happy to get the opportunity to use our creativity to raise money to help sick kids and make a difference! So what do you say guys? Let’s come together and help some sick kids! We can talk a big game, but now’s our chance to be REAL Sonic heroes!


PerfectChaosZero & the rest of the SAGExpo crew!



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